All of us are struck by the aura of studying our curriculum books and we label this process as education. In the race of becoming better and faster in our respective fields we have forgotten that there is more to education than just cramming our course books and passing those hectic exams all year round.

Time passes by very quickly and it would not be long when we would be aged and dependant thinking about this key issue being faced by our society.

Our philosophy of life just revolves around getting good grades, a perfect job and a better position in this world. In the awe of which we have failed to recognize that we should work upon ourselves to become better human beings and better Muslims.

We have made an epic mistake by disrupting this process of education. Education is not just fulfilling the drill of studying the required core course but also side by side building up and moulding the personality of a human being in such a way that he comes out to be not only career oriented but also broad minded, socially active and most importantly full of Islamic knowledge.

The school systems and studies to date are of no help in making the youth educated rather just literate. We need to add proper Islamic education which should include tafseer and tajweed along with the contemporary studies. This kind of Islamic knowledge should not only be taught but also made to practice so that all of us have better understanding of our religion.


Lahore, August 16.