ISLAMABAD - Although there was no major breakthrough, the government and the MQM yesterday agreed to continue the dialogue to finalise an acceptable “Grievances Redressal Committee (GRC)”.

The MQM and the government were optimistic that to give a finalize composition and functions of the committee today (Thursday). MQM delegation led by Farooq Sattar yesterday held a detailed meeting with finance minister Ishaq Dar and Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid at Punjab House to form a committee to resolve matter regarding resignations of MQM. Sources said the MQM had conditionally agreed to reconsider its decision of quitting the legislatures after the government assured it that a committee would be formed to address all the party’s grievances. MQM Farooq Sattar contacted JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman to inform him about its conditions on the formation of ‘Grievances Redressal Committee’. Sources said that JUI-F chief suggested MQM to show flexibility in its demands and cooperate with government for the formation of the committee.

The government is optimistic to form ‘Grievances Redressal Committee’ by this week to win back MQM in assemblies. “Both the sides will hold an important meeting in next 24 hours to decide the composition and functions of GRC,” Minister for finance Ishaq Dar, exclusively shared with The Nation.

Dar was optimistic to win back MQM in assemblies after addressing their ‘genuine’ grievances. “Government side has given a draft with MQM and soon the GRC will start work to reach on any consensus,” said Minister representing government side to negotiate with MQM. The government team led by Ishaq Dar had already met with the MQM’s delegation to finalize the modalities of the committee about the resignations of MQM.

Sources said government and MQM have still not reached on consensus about ongoing Karachi operation against the criminals in its initial parleys. Government has clearly conveyed to MQM for not changing its stance on Rangers-led operation, as it would continue with its pace. Whereas, the MQM has forwarded its foremost demand to stop victimization of its party men. Sources said that the reasons behind the delay in formation of the committee was about final decision on Karachi operation, as rest of the legal hitches to rejoin assemblies after tendering resignations have almost been resolved.

Talking to TheNation, MQM’s legal brain Barrister Saif was not seem happy from initial discussion with government. “Both sides (Government and MQM) have exchanged initial drafts…Many of our (MQM) issues need to be settled,” he said.

It is still not sure that MQM members would restart parliamentary politics as many of issues are unresolved. “Meeting between government and MQM will be held soon to decide further course of action,” said MQM leader. When contacted, MQM’s leader Ali Raza Abidi said party would take final decision about rejoining assemblies. “We (MQM members) will follow party’s directions…Party and Quaid (MQM supermo Altaf Hussain) decision will be accepted to all members,” he said.

Sources said that MQM in its initial meeting proposed some names to impartially monitor Karachi operation and victimization of its party members. The opposition party had given conditional nod to government about its decision to rejoin parliament, they said. MQM legislatures from from National Assembly, Senate and Sindh Assembly had tendered en masse resignations last month. The fourth biggest in National Assembly had announced to quit with the blame for pushing them against the wall and imposing unannounced restrictions on political, democratic and social activities.