Indeed, every business operates according to its own rules. The rules of business connote the following; ‘do it, delegate it and document it.’ Under the rules of business, all employees must be passionate about their work and must serve the consumers of their company to the best of their ability. Once the rules of business are strictly observed in any organization, employees begin exhibiting utmost humility, honesty, integrity and empathy. 

Being a student of Political Science and Law, while studying my courses, I have gone through the rules of business the different organisations operating at the federal and provincial level. The truth is that in most of the rules have been created but not enforced. 

The society we live in is unjust because the rules of business, talents and efforts are never properly taken into account when it comes to rewarding people. Unfortunately, there are some organisations where neither the rules of business nor employee service rules are in place. Such institutions harbour corruption to its fullest. In various organisations we have charlatans who do not believe in the rules of business. They are those individuals who are involved in organised corruption.  The state of affairs in public offices is chaotic. Even in this day and age, our country faces many institutional challenges at the public level. While other states of the world are working towards improving state institutions, our institutions are falling apart day by day. The current scenario leaves many questions in our mind; why can’t our institutions do away with corruption? Why can’t the government pay attention to the happenings of today? 

All of our public sector organisations are in dire of being monitored. The rules of business must be enforced upon them thorough professionals, not charlatans and cheerleaders. State resources should be exerted towards the betterment of the citizens. As the citizens are paying taxes, all facilities must be made available to them. Organisations like the National Accountability Bureau must step forward and take responsibility for keeping a check on all other state institutions. Officials allotted to positions in these institutions must display professional knowledge and behaviour and adhere to the rules of business. If firm measures are taken, betterment can be achieved. 


Islamabad, August 22.