Donald Trump is actually no different than his predecessors. His foreign policy towards Pakistan will be a centre of concentration for authorities in Pakistan. American policy towards South East Asia especially to Afghanistan is consisted of the same narrative. Trump reiterated the old and mean policy. Truly speaking, in the future this same old storyline will be repeated time and again.

Americans without realising the sacrifices of Pakistan have affirmed to take it a dubious state. The role of Pakistan will always be considered fishy no matter how sincere efforts Pakistan puts to eradicate terrorists from its soil.

The recent statement of COAS General Bajwa is worth-pondering. He clearly stated ‘Pakistan seeks US trust, not financial assistance’. He furthered added that Pakistan’s financial and non-financial sacrifices were required to be applauded around the world. The politicians and other stakeholders should praise his statement and support it at any available forum; because, they portray the ambitions of the whole nation.

Trump’s ‘do-more’ slogan should be taken serious as now is the turn of America to do more. Instead of giving India the leading role, it should enquire about its secret agency (RAW) malicious activities in Afghanistan against Pakistan.

It is high time our politicians convey America the aspirations of the masses. Our politicians are yet to play their active role in this decisive matter. Pakistan Embassy in USA should also remain alert and adopt various channels to shed light on Pakistan’s sacrifices. It is the need of the time.

The civilian leadership should not remain hushed instead, it must break the silence and at least talk to Americans the way they talk to us. China, Russia, Turkey and other major and minor states have recognised our stance and sacrifices. They will stand with Pakistan in case ‘Uncle Sam’ gets furious.

Afghanistan, on the other hand, should realise the sanctity of the matter and should support its long-time ally, Pakistan. People of Pakistan still consider it a brotherly state even after being stabbed many times.