Pakistani digital artist Shahzaib Hussain has beautifully mounted and dully executed his two favorite shows of this year, Game of Thrones and Pepsi Battle of the Bands in his recent artwork.

What makes this artwork special is that both of these shows have huge viewership in Pakistan.

Talking to The Nation, Shahzaib Hussain told, "Game of thrones isn't my favorite because it's trending now, but it's because I have been a fan since the first season."

"BoB, however, was introduced to me this year and that's how I got to know about all the amazing songs and bands from both of this season and the previous one," the artist said.

Here is the artwork as presented and titled by Shahzaib:

The King Slayer - Atif Lanister

King in the North! - Fawad Stark

Mother of Dragons - Meesha Targerian

This one is untitled