Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has proposed a new mechanism for monitoring the development of private housing schemes authorized by CDA effectively and ‘based on the principles of good governance’.

Regional Planning Directorate of the CDA has prepared a summary to be placed before the CDA Board for approval, according to documents exclusively available with The Nation. If approved, the new procedure would be notified in the Modalities and Procedures framed under ICT Zoning Regulations-1992. The third party consultants/town planning firms would be hired by CDA for recording the observations on the progress and quality of development work by the sponsors as mentioned in clause 19 of Modalities and Procedures framed under Zoning Regulations 1992 in the light of PPRRA rules, after prequalifying the firms.

Furthermore, the monitoring fee to the tune of 2 percent (Rs 20,000 per kanal) of cost of development of the scheme i.e. one million rupees per kanal (to be revised by the Authority from time to time) would be revised and service charges of the consultants/town planning firms shall be paid from the collected monitoring fee. The monitoring fee will be charged in three instalments, 50 percent in advance and remaining 50 percent in the following years (25 percent each) of development, read the set of proposals.

 According to the proposals, the housing scheme shall be open for inspection to the CDA officials during the entire period of its execution. The sponsors would intimate work schedule to the CDA. The sponsors shall submit to the Planning Wing the detailed work scheduled in respect of implementation of the scheme. Monthly progress report shall be submitted to the Planning Wing till the completion of the scheme. The sponsors shall pay Rs 1500 per kanal to the CDA or as revised from time to time, on account of inspection/monitoring expenses during the execution stage of the scheme, the proposals suggest further.

Under the new scheme, the authorized officer of the CDA shall record his observations on the work in progress regarding quality and progress of work being undertaken in a scheme and will ensure that their instructions are complied with by the sponsors. In case, the sponsors fail to abide by the instructions contained in the inspection note, the CDA shall take appropriate measures to rectify the situation, which may include getting the work done at the risk and cost of the sponsors by disposing off plots mortgaged with the CDA in case the development cost exceeds the amount deposited by the sponsors with the CDA or the sale proceeds of the mortgaged plots, the same shall be recoverable by the CDA from the sponsors or the allottees of plots in the schemes as arrears of land revenue under the CDA Ordinance 1960. It is pertinent to mention here that the fee recovered from private housing schemes on account of monitoring is far less than the international standards.

According to the Planning Wing owing to the shortage of affordable housing, a tremendous increase in the development of private housing schemes has been witnessed in previous years. Unfortunately, on the other hand, the Planning Wing responsible for regulating the development in these schemes has shrunk.

Resultantly, the mechanism proposed in the modalities has been overloaded, causing embarrassment to the Authority at many forums.