IK has yet not taken over but a subtle scheme of affairs has already been started against him by his opponents to not let him succeed. In that a doubt is being created about his capabilities in the mind of the innocent Pakistanis by some of the paid TV anchors aided by the Noonie, Jiala and Mullah panellists who sarcastically and impishly ask each other on the tv talk shows as to how would he change Pakistan into a Medina State? How would he do away with the terrorists within 90 days? Or, how and where will he produce jobs for the jobless millions? How would fight the menace of rampant corruption in the country, etc. 

I am sure Imran knows what to do. 

However, if I were Imran, and just to tackle corruption, I shall caution in no uncertain terms all govt., semi govt, autonomous and semi-autonomous governing bodies and all other agencies dealing with public to be from here on wards absolutely honest in their dealings and work. In any office, the immediate superior shall be held equally responsible and considered an accomplice in the dishonesty and misdeeds of his subordinate and would be tried for the same offence as committed by his subordinate. This means if a Clerk is caught of corruption his Superintendent would also be charged for the same offence. If a Patwari is caught the Qanoongo, the Naib Tehsildar or the Tehsildar himself, who so ever is his immediate superior, would also be held responsible for the same offence. This would be like “To catch a thief set a thief” and “Nip the evil in the bud”. No one knows better about one in an organisation than one’s colleagues and imme! diate superior as well as juniors. This will also demolish the culture of “vertical alignment” of corruption in our offices where the booty travels upwards, at times to the highest officer. 

There are a few more similar solutions to the other evil problems, but one at time. I intend writing about them in a series, “ If I were Imran”. 


Rawalpindi, August 11.