The US and Turkey have long been under loggerheads over a many problems including Syrian war and Turkish military coup.

However, Turkey is more conscious about its economy to be boosted. As recently on 10th of August, the Turkish finance minister—- Berat Albayrak—- drafted a new policy of economic development. But soon, Donald Trump—- a greedy economic leader—- tweeted that the US would accelerate economic tariffs on Turkish aluminum and steel products.

Undeniably, Turkey’s currency Lira has been devalued 40 per cent against dollar by such economic tariffs since the start of new year. Amazingly, it is to be noticed that the US has always followed hard steps against Middle Eastern Muslims countries. Mayhem in Syria, destruction in Yeman, turbulence in Palestine and so on. Initially, Iran was highly sanctioned. Now, Turkey bears the same brunt of tarrifs which affect its economic, political and social setup. It is time Muslim states united to each other to stand and fight against the bitter enemies of Muslims and their resources.


Shikarpur, August 11.