The Trump administration withheld Coalition Support Fund payments to Pakistan, based on audit objections, although it was compensation for military operations in aid of US ongoing military presence in Afghanistan. This unilateral decision by US administration points to flaws in terms of agreements negotiated by Pakistan with US where specific operations were conducted and tax payer money spent but payment to be deferred, giving Americans a chance to back out. Termination of International Military Education and Training program would impact only 66 officers and should have been expected. 

American administration under president Trump has slashed financial assistance to Pakistan. Earlier it imposed sanctions as part of Pressler Amendment and refused to facilitate Pakistan’s Nuclear program at par with India. Perhaps these ugly ground realities should serve to open eyes of current and future civil and khaki administrations, that relations between countries are based upon individual national interests, motivated by existing strategic requirements and do not necessarily translate into long term relations. Opportunities wasted seldom reoccur. 

We allowed ourselves to be used by Americans to avenge their defeat in Vietnam by involving in their proxy war in Afghanistan, without seeking adequate long term benefits for our national security or the exchequer. Now we are left to cry alone over spilt milk, not realizing that individuals stood to benefit while country has lost. Pakistan could have sought transfer of military technology with iron clad guarantees but top khaki elite in Zia military junta were more interested in satisfying their greed, with some going from rags to riches or seeking foreign nationalities for their children 

We compromised our territorial sovereignty by giving sanctuary to foreign fighters not realizing long term losses this country would suffer, once the Americans had achieved their objective. 


Lahore, August 12.