ISLAMABAD     -   Hurriyet leader Yasin Malik’s wife, Mishal Malik, Monday said the Kashmiri people’s desire for freedom can’t be suppressed and their passion for freedom would continue to increase with every passing day in Kashmir valley against the fascist mind set of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

Dhe demanded of the United Nations Organisation and other Human Right Champions to adopt concrete steps for resolving the long standing Kashmir issue. She said people of Kashmir were suffering from a serious violation of human rights till now because of the regular military attacks by the Indian forces in Indian occupied Kashmir.

She said peace keeping organizations such as the UNO, Organization of the Islamic Countries (OIC) should have to play its vital role in this regard. Mishal said every passing day every Kashmiri is under the threat and no one is safe from Indian brutalities, adding, it is a matter of concern that Indian forces are capturing the children and illegally entering the Kashmiris homes without any intimation.

She said there is complete clampdown in the Held valley and people were deprived of basic necessities of life including shortage of foods and medicines. She said Indian RSS party had entered the valley and they snatched the right of ownership from the kashmiri people.

Kashmiri leader said India is committing genocide in Occupied Kashmir and has converted the whole valley into a prison. All Kashmiri hurriyet leader including her husband are in jails, adding, we have no none of the communication link with them.

She said Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan and it is high time for Muslim countries to make concrete efforts for peaceful solution of Kashmir issue. Malik said Pakistan has always respected the Kashmiris right to self-determination according to UN resolutions. She appreciated the efforts of Pakistani nation for Kashmiri freedom struggle that Pakistan has successfully highlighted Kashmir issue on international forums