A local teenager is leaving a surging number of netizens amazed with his analytical views about his country’s approach to tackling issues like Kashmir without focusing on emerging as an economic power.

A video clip of the boy’s conversation with a reporter has gone viral on social media.

He was asked for his views on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to hold "Kashmir Solidarity Hour" on 29 August. It brought the country almost to a standstill as a mark of expressing solidarity with Kashmiris following the abrogation of special status for the state by the Indian parliament.

But the teenager’s impromptu replies made him a viral sensation in both India and Pakistan. He stressed that Pakistan needs to strengthen its economy just like India has done and that it will be heard globally with all the seriousness it requires.

“Indian lobby is taking the entire world along with it. Till the time, Pakistan's economy doesn't stand parallel to the Indian economy; we [Pakistan] cannot make our issues stand parallel. Kashmir issue will not be solved till the time Pakistan doesn't defeat India economically", he said.

Stating that the world will never advocate for Pakistan at the cost of affecting their relationship with India, he said, it would be better for Pakistan to focus on the development to solve issues like Balochistan, Kashmir, and FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Area) or, now what is known as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

The teenager has left social media abuzz, with the Indian and Pakistani twitterati hailing him for his mature approach to the critical issue, while others have dubbed him as the next prime minister of Pakistan.