LAHORE - Students of the Punjab Group of Colleges shined in MDCAT Result 2019, a press release said on Monday. Top position is clinched by Abdul Hannan Rashid with 199/200 marks while 2nd position with 198/200 marks is shared by three Punjab College students namely Maham Tahir, Ali Akarm Qureshi and Umar Shafaqat. Hamsa Fatima and Sohail Sabir shared third position with 197/200 marks. All the high achievers were regular students of Punjab Group of Colleges and afterwards they attended MDCAT classes from STEP - an initiative of PGC for preparation of entry tests.

 They achievers give full credit of their success to PGC saying Punjab Group of Colleges provides students an environment where they can excel and learn according to the examination methodology and from the very beginning, along with preparation for main exams, full preparation is also ensured for entry tests also.