LAHORE - The provincial cabinet meeting, held under the chair of Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar at his office here on Wednesday, unanimously approved the resolution presented by Law Minister Raja Basharat to felicitate the provincial government over its two years wonderful performance. 

The resolution stated that this meeting expresses its gratitude over the dawn of a new era of progress and prosperity under the CM Punjab Usman Buzdar. 

This meeting is of the considered opinion that two years performance of the Punjab government depicts the vision of PM Imran Khan as the journey which started in 2018 introduced a new system which shook the foundations of an exploitative agenda of an archaic system spanning over 70 years. 

The meeting is sanguine: the Punjab government has introduced several reforms for transforming the governance model and this has helped in the conspicuous improvements in government performance along-with accountability of the institutions. Similarly, the Punjab government has made record legislation besides initiating work on several mega projects. 

The meeting is of the considered opinion that all these initiatives are not exhibitory projects but public welfare schemes and work over them is in progress speedily.  The two years have also proved as an example of the firm commitment of PM Imran Khan and CM Usman Buzdar. 

Though the Punjab government faced a number of challenges while transforming the outdated system, and promotion of justice, the impediments were dealt with steadfastness.  The important step was giving the people of Southern Punjab their lost right and the CM Usman Buzdar has fulfilled the promise of the Southern Punjab secretariat. 

It is the only provincial government which has initiated steps to redress the injustice committed with backward districts.

The Punjab cabinet pays tributes to the leadership of PM Imran Khan and performance of CM Usman Buzdar and it is also unanimous that an era of economic stability and composite development has started in Punjab.  The cabinet will continue to vigorously play its role during the next three years to make Punjab a model province, with full commitment and passion.

Addressing the meeting, the CM thanked Almighty Allah for completing two years of PTI government adding that people have been served round-the-clock. 

He also extended congratulations and thanked the cabinet members for their cooperation. 

The cabinet has always given priority to public interest while taking decisions. We have worked diligently and made tireless efforts. We are neat and clean and also faced criticism for the sake of criticism but it did not deter our commitment. 

The government is credited that no corruption scandal has surfaced as only work was done. Instead of gimmickry, ease was created in public life through practical steps.

He said that Punjab is leading other provinces in transparency, merit and good governance and the foundation of a developed Punjab has been laid in two years. 

Promises made with the people will be fulfilled during the next three years, he added. 

The CM also appreciated the performance of Punjab government employees and congratulated the political teams for its remarkable performance. 

Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan stated that best decisions were made under the leadership of CM Usman Buzdar despite difficult circumstances. 

Despite opposition, the Punjab government performed well and work was done round- the-clock and this will also continue to service the masses, he added. 

Housing Minister Mian Mahmood ur Rasheed said that one-man show ruled Punjab for ten years and now work is being done under the leadership of CM Usman Buzdar as a team. 

The elected representatives have access to CM Usman Buzdar and decisions are made collectively and with consensus. You have removed deprivations of backward areas and work will be continued for the development of the province under your leadership, he added. 

Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid stated that major success was achieved against corona and the situation is much better as compared to the other provinces because the CM has always focused on health. Forest Minister Sibtain Khan said that CM Usman Buzdar has himself chaired the meeting of every department and his cooperation is available for making Punjab clean and green. 

Information Minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan said that Almighty Allah has succeeded Usman Buzdar despite conspiracies of the opponents because honour or disgrace is decided by Almighty Allah. 

He also congratulated CM Usman Buzdar and Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid for continuously working for the eradication of corona adding that every project is moving forward in a transparent manner and establishment of the southern Punjab secretariat is a major achievement of Usman Buzdar. 

We are committed to defeating every challenge under the leadership of CM Usman Buzdar. Higher Education Minister Yasir Humayun stated that departments are working independently as no infringement was made by the CM and he has always extended necessary support. 

Minister Schools Education Murad Raas said that reforms have been introduced in the school education sector and the promises have been materialized by the government. Energy Minister Akhtar Malik said that both Imran Khan and Usman Buzdar were working to transform the outdated system. Earlier, it was a one-man show but, now, the team decides collectively and departments are moved in the right direction. 

Irrigation Minister Mohsin Leghari said that people were served in two years and they will be served with renewed vigour in the next three years. Finance Minister Hashim Jawan Bakht said that the Punjab government has taken good decisions in difficult circumstances which yielded positive results. 

Steps were taken with collective wisdom to deal with challenges. Now the situation is being improved more than before, he said. The meeting was attended by ministers, advisors, special assistants, chief secretary and others.