Researchers explore rapid movements of fruit flies

ISLAMABAD - By examining how fruit flies use eye movements to enhance flight control with a staggeringly fast reaction speed — about 30 times faster than the blink of an eye — Penn State researchers have detailed a framework to mimic this ability in robotics. The researchers described the motions of fruit flies tethered in a virtual reality flight simulator constructed with LED lights and recorded using high speed cameras. “If you are able to study flies doing what they do best — flying — you can find some incredible engineering solutions that already exist in biology,” said Benjamin Cellini, a doctoral student studying mechanical engineering and the first author of the paper. Cellini and his adviser, Jean-Michel Mongeau, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and the director of the Bio-Motion Systems Lab, were able to determine how fruit flies use eye movements to quickly coordinate their wings in response to what they were seeing. 

Scientists detect first-of-its-kind ‘intermediate-mass’ black hole

ISLAMABAD -An international research collaboration including Northwestern University astronomers has witnessed the birth of an “intermediate-mass” black hole. This is the first conclusive discovery of an intermediate-mass black hole, an object which has long eluded astronomers. The cosmic event, its energy detected on Earth in the form of gravitational waves, is the most massive black hole merger yet observed in gravitational waves.