The Tsunami of cricket fever, enthusiasm, hopes and aspirations which engulfed the whole nation for the last few weeks has subsided with India making its way to the finals of the World Cup. The shock of our teams defeat in the highly glamorized Semi-final at Mohali will be over in a few days bringing the nation into its normal stride. This is how it should be. Considering the teams performance during the pre World Cup era one thought that a weak, disjointed and a mismanaged Pakistan team could not possibly make the headway in such a big tournament. It was our good luck and the efforts put in by the team that it emerged at top of its pool. Defeating Sri Lanka and Australia in the pool matches was a great achievement. Its position was further elevated when the team defeated the West Indies by ten wickets in the quarter finals. This was a victory par-excellence which motivated the people of Pakistan and raised their spirits, enthusiasm, hopes and aspirations to a level never seen before. Reaching the semi finals meant being one of the top four teams of the world. The expectations for winning the championship were thus natural. The news of our teams semi-final match against India at Mohali added a new dimension to the whole issue. The two arch rivals meeting on the Indian soil gave a spiritual, political, social and a highly emotional touch to the event. Carried by a strong wave of sentiments the people of Pakistan dubbed the contest as a war between the two nations. The atmosphere was shrouded by mass prayers for Pakistans victory and celebrations of all sorts, street processions, drum beats and musical programs of all sorts. The media hype was at its apex. The disaster at Mohali, however, brought everything back to reality. As forecast by the extroverts the pressure of facing a strong India on the Indian soil proved unbearable by our team. Let us forget the result and continue supporting our team with the same spirit as we did before the match. RAFI NASIM, Lahore, April 1.