ISLAMABAD - Pakistans regular calls for transfer of US drone technology, are likely to remain unheeded because of the stricter policy of the United States, sources said on Sunday. Islamabad from the very outset has been demanding from the US transfer of its drone technology to enable Pakistan to effectively combat terrorism on its soil, but these efforts have not yet borne fruit. 'This is rather impossible plan as the US neither has such policy nor any mechanism to oblige Pakistan, a noted defence analyst told The Nation while speaking on condition of anonymity. However, the Foreign Office spokesperson Tehmina Janjua was still hopeful that the US would consider Pakistans demand arguing that Pakistan has its own policies and priorities. She said that United States was still discussing with Pakistan issues of mutual interest including resumption of strategic dialogue as well as the trilateral meeting of US, Afghanistan and Pakistan that Islamabad had boycotted the one scheduled for March 26 in Brussels. Pakistan had pulled itself from the Brussels trilateral meeting as mark of protest over the US drone hit in North Waziristan killing more than 39 innocent Pakistanis, which prompted strongest ever reaction from the political and military leadership as well as Pakistani public. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had also summoned the US Ambassador to Pakistan to officially lodge the protest with the US government. When contacted the official spokesperson of the US Embassy said that he was not authorised to comment on the US drone strikes in Pakistan, adding ,he would need to seek comments from Washington before making any comment on Pakistans demand for transfer of drone technology. A defence source informed that Pakistan has been successful in indigenous manufacturing of drones but was interested in acquiring the US technology relating to weapons and reconnaissance systems installed on these pilot-less aircraft. The US authorities claim that it had successfully eliminated high-profile terrorists through its drone attacks, but Pakistan believed these drone operations were counter-productive. Since 2004, CIA has killed 2211 people in 255 drone attacks in Pakistans tribal areas. Highest number of drone attacks and subsequent killings were reported in 2010 when 938 people were killed 132 drone attacks. During the first three months of this year, CIA has carried out 27 drone attacks killing 159 people including more than 39 innocent participants of peace congregation held in Dattakhel area of North Waziristan Agency last month.