ISLAMABAD - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has asked the government to review the recent increase in POL prices as the masses are not in a position to bear extra-burden on them. 'Already price-hike has increased worries of public and this further burden in the shape of increase in POL prices on masses need to be reviewed, said Deputy Convener MQM Dr. Farooq Sattar talking to newsmen after meeting with Federal Minister for Finance Hafeez Sheikh and Interior Minister Rehman Malik regarding POL prices. MQM senior members Waseem Akhtar and Abdul Qadir Khanzada were also present in the meeting. MQM sources said that Federal Ministers had assured MQM delegation for reviewing the prices and come up with its response in a couple of days. While, the MQM is did not seem to adopt any strict stance against government in case of no change in current prices. Talking to the media after the meeting with MQM delegation, Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh said that the government was trying to put minimum load on masses and govt was trying to give maximum relief to the people. To a question about recent hike, he related the increase with international markets saying that masses should understand the problems of the government. Talking about Karachi situation, Minister for Interior Rehman Malik expressed deep concern over the situation and informed 30 persons had been arrested as yet in this regard. He said that instructions have been passed to ensure peace in City and action against criminals. It is relevant to mention here that Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) may come up with tough stance over recently imposed flood surcharge through Presidential Ordinance. The sources said that party has discussed in length, in its Rabita Committee, imposition of 15 per cent flood surcharge on masses. The government on March 15th announced the mini-budget through a Presidential Ordinance as it imposed 15 per cent flood surcharge, increased special excise duty by 1.5 per cent and withdrew the sales tax exemptions on fertilizers, pesticides and tractors. The MQM has repeatedly voiced against expected flood surcharge in the country and earlier had termed the measure the last nail in the coffin of national economy. MQM members had said that this flood surcharge if imposed would be tantamount to increase the worries of the people. Party sources said that these days most of MQM party members are putting all its attention over upcoming public gathering in Lahore scheduled for next week.