KARACHI - Indonesia team kept its winning tradition by clinching the second AASIAN Diplomatic Bowling Tournament held here at Royal Rodale Club the other day. Malaysia and Thailand finished as the first and second runners-up in the team event. Teams and individuals from five AASEAN countries -Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar, plus China, Japan, Korea and Sri Lanka - participated in the grand event organized by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia. The splendid nine-nation game was made extremely lively by encouraging shouts of the crowd comprising men, women and children from all nine countries as well as the local enthusiasts. the winning team was led by Indonesian Consul General Honourable Rossalis R Adenan. Other team members were Mrs Yani R Adenan, Trigustono Supriyanto and Mrs Evi Pradanto. They received the Challenge Trophy from the Consul General of Thailand, Honourable Udom Sapito. First runner-up, Malaysia, scored a total of 939, its team led by Consul General Honourable M Khalid. Other participants were Mrs Aniza Khalid, Lukman Say ti and Mrs Julia Lukman. The second runner-up, Thailand, totalled 740 with the Consul General Honourable Udom Sapito in the lead and Mrs Yaowalak Sapito, Supisal Taengorn and Miss Arya Sapito as the Jeam members. The third runner-up, Korea, totalled a score 674 with In Ki Lee in the lead, and, the team members Ms Mi Hyang Kang, Young Chul Sohn and Ms Hwa Jung Kim. The rest of the scores are as follow: Male Individuals: 3rd Runner up: Honourable M Khalid (Malaysia), score 265, second runner-up: In Ki Lee (Korea), score 285. Consul General of China Zhang Jianxin presented the prize for the 3rd and second runners-up. First runner-up: Honourable Rossalis R Adenan (Indonesia), score 304, the winner: Trigustono Supriyanto (Indonesia), score 306. Consul General of Thailand Udom Sapito presented the prize for the first and the second winner. Female Individual: 3rd runner-up: Mrs Nguyen Thi Diep Ha (Vietnam) score 188, second runner-up: Mrs Yani R Adenan (Indonesia), score 195. Consul General of Sri Lanka Honourable DW Jinadasa presented the prize for the 3rd and second runner-up. First runner-up: Mrs Aniza Khalid (Malaysia), score 204, the winner: Mrs Julia Lukman, score 207. Consul General of Korea Honourable In Ki Lee presented the prize for the first runner up and the winner. The Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, in his address, congratulated all the participants and guests from the friendly countries.