What a pity that the British media has to tell our leaders to compel India to resolve water and Kashmir issues. The Guardian, in an article, says that cricket diplomacy is okay but nothing will work till such time these sensitive issues are settled. It expresses surprise that at the secretary-level talks in New Delhi and interaction between the two Prime Ministers, Mr Gilani and Dr Singh, in Mohali there was no mention of Kashmir which for the people of Pakistan is a core issue. It adds that British engineers in the 19th century developed an irrigation system to ensure the provision of water to far-flung areas. But after the partition, India and Pakistan have been fighting over the distribution of water and could not resolve it till today. The fact is that water terrorism India has unleashed deprives us of our share of water under the Indus Waters Treaty that would ultimately turn Pakistan into a barren land whose economy is based on agriculture. The folly is that both meetings were held without any prior agenda. The secretaries talks ended up in Indias favour because only terrorism was discussed threadbare. Meanwhile, AJK Prime Minister Sardar Attique has, in an interview with Nawa-i-Waqt and The Nation, said that any future agreement with India should be linked to the solution of Kashmir failing which nothing would ever work. He is absolutely right when he observes that the recent talks were dominated by Indian hypocrisy and ended without any progress. Sardar Attique invited the civil society to join efforts to highlight Indian atrocities in Kashmir at all international forums including the UN. It is about time Pakistani rulers stopped acting to promote Americas grand design in South Asia and adopted a strategy that reflected the aspirations of the Kashmiri people and was to the satisfaction of the Pakistani nation. We should stop being bullied by New Delhi which is being supported by the US and its European allies to become a counterweight to our sincere friend China.