The report of a services hospital doctor slapping a woman patient on the verge of delivery is shocking behaviour. How could a medical doctor slap a woman patient on the pretext of a strike by the doctors? The PMDC ought to take disciplinary action against the maniac doctor who is not fit to be called a doctor but a butcher who beats his patients. This is a shame and a slur for the medical profession. The Chief Minister has rightly decided to dismiss the striking doctors if they dont attend the serving humanity and instead behave as musclemen to beat patients which is unheard of in the medical history. The private clinics are too expensive for the masses and the public sector hospitals cater to the people who cant afford private clinics. Such unruly doctors ought to be relieved of their duties as they are not fit to serve the humanity. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, April 2.