I dont know why Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had to go over for the Semi-final. There must have been diplomatic reasons, for he must have already known the result. After all, when a Prime Minister goes anywhere to watch the schedule, has been prepared in advance, and a mere sporting event cant be allowed to introduce uncertainty. Also, he should have known that no Indian PM would ever be caught dead at an event of India playing Pakistan at any sport, and losing. It was not affordable. Of course, it is affordable for a Pakistani PM to watch an Indian team beat Pakistan, so Yousuf Raza and a vast number of others went over to watch the defeat, consoling each other that winning and losing is part of the game. Nobody was mentioning that this axiom doesnt apply where India is concerned. Another pointer, if Yousuf Raza had kept his ear close to the ground, would have been the bookies predicting a Pakistani win of the World Cup. Now no bookie would make this suggestion unless it was false. Now the whole purpose of the exercise is not just to make people place bets, but bad ones. So bookies would not like anyone who caused bets to be placed on India. And as Indians are second only to the Chinese in their gambling mania, the rumours were actually signs that the bookies had settled something other than a Pakistani victory. That would perhaps be because Imran Khan is expected to continue to give good service as the PM-in-waiting, and Shahid Afridi was not quite it, no matter how many night clubs he visited to spread Islam, and no matter how much organic food he ate. In fact, Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni eats organic food, and his habit of taking a couple of glasses of buffalos milk in the morning has introduced the buffalo theme in the World Cup, in which the Punjab Police was not taking enough interest, because of the absence of their favourite animal. They were missing this theme badly in the interrogation of Ch Moonis Elahi, who is not just the son of a former Punjab CM and nephew of a former Interior Minister, but also the maternal grandson of a former accused in a cattle theft case. Whether or not the FIA gets him in the case it has him in for, it will certainly get him in Ch Zahoors buffalo-theft case. Of course, Ch Moonis can probably throw light on the pen, with which Chief Justice Maulvi Mushtaq of the Lahore High Court signed Zulfikar Ali Bhuttos death sentence. Ch Zahoor is supposed to have got that pen. Bhutto was the one who had ordered the buffalo theft case against him. Everyone thinks he ordered the case because he wanted to teach Ch Zahoor a lesson, but actually it was because he was using the Punjab Police. They had as deep a love of buffaloes two generations ago as now, when presidential references are being filed about another case in which Bhutto was involved. Bhutto was hanged for murder, not buffalo theft. And in all these years, there has been no indication of a buffalo-theft angle. For example, the late Nawab Muhammad Ahmad Khan, the murdered man for whose death Bhutto paid with his life, or Ahmad Raza Kasuri, Nawab Sahibs son, who was supposed to be the victim according to the prosecution, and who was a PPP MNA, should have had an old enmity with Bhutto, and as everyone in the police knows, an old enmity, or rather any enmity, cannot develop unless there is a buffalo stolen. Again, the buffalo theme might not be easy to introduce in the case of the young doctors strike, and there we need to balance people dying against ill-paid doctors. The problem with doctors is that once you pay them properly, theyll go off and practice privately, for which they will earn more than the government would ever dream of paying them. Sending senior doctors to do emergency duties is not the right solution. That was tried before, though it shouldnt have, because while senior doctors apparently enjoyed the experience because it meant reliving their youth, because that youth had been as misspent as that of the youth of today, some very senior doctors indeed had had matters raked up which should have probably been left undisturbed. I suppose the senior doctors of today have decades-old secrets too, have behaved when young in ways that would provoke a laughter that would destroy patients confidence. Of course, the situation cant last forever, and the Punjab government has taken the solution of sacking and rehiring the doctors. Of course, as the IMF introduced the privatisation and the temporary employment that led to the current crisis, the next step is a similar crisis in government education institutions, where the same methods have been applied. This crisis has already been happening, but because important people dont use government schooling, it seems that no one has noticed. However, that doesnt mean it isnt happening. And by the way, the view that government and hospitals provide state-of-the-art healthcare and education at a very low cost, so that they provide a viable no-frills alternative to Private healthcare and education, has been hit for a six. The cricketing theme again Gilani should have known better than to go to a semi when India was captained by a caste Hindu. The fact that the Pakistan team reached the ground alive despite Bal Thackerays threats at the beginning of the tournament should have indicated what was going to happen. However, there is still an explosion due. Those who saw young men race around the streets of Lahore realise that there was little love of cricket, but a desperate seeking of an opportunity to dance. The possibility of Gilani dancing at a Pakistan win can be excluded, because Dr Singh did not, when his team won. But the Lahori lads who intended to dance in the streets when Pakistan beat India will do so sooner or later.