LAHORE No political gimmickry would now work in Bahawalpur but only the protection of the interests of region people, said Senator Muhammad Ali Durrani here on Sunday. He said the rulers involved in the sale of the precious assets of Bahawalpur on throwaway were inviting their political death. They are culprits of the people of the region, he said, adding with which face they would enter Bahawalpur for doing politics. In a statement issued here, Muttahida Mahaz Bahawalpur chief said that if the Punjab CM reached Bahawalpur after taking decisive action against the thieves who sold the railway track worth Rs 3.8 billion for a paltry Rs 90 million and the robbers who auctioned 39 properties worth Rs 30 billion for only Rs 850 million, the people of the region would accord a warm welcome, he added.