LAHORE A Punjab University Department faculty member has completed his post-doctorate study at University of California, Los Angeles. Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood, of the Library & Information Sciences, was funded by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to pursue this study. Dr Khalid did his PhD in 2004 by developing a model for alternative funding for Pakistani libraries. With five books and above 100 research papers in national and international journals, he is the most prolific Pakistani writer in his field. Talking about his post-doctorate study, Dr. Khalid said, Spending nine months at one of the top American universities was an excellent experience in my life. I have surveyed US academic librarians and library websites to study the impact of Web 2.0 technologies. My research supervisor, Professor Dr. John Richardson, is an eminent scholar in the field of library and information sciences. With his co-authorship I have contributed four publications during this period, Dr. Khalid said. He added: In my research, I have found that Web 2.0 technologies have played a significant role in delivering library services to their users particularly beyond library walls.