LAHORE Internationally, the rescuers and fire fighters are paid handsome remunerations as they considered saviours of the society, who risk their own lives to save others but in Pakistan, Rescue 1122 employees are struggling hard with meagre salaries for their families because there is no one to resolve their main issue of lowest salary structure, TheNation has learnt. Insiders said most of the officials of Rescue 1122 were doing part-time jobs and almost half of the Rescue vans drivers are driving rickshaws or commercial vans. The staff including Emergency Medical Technicians, Computer Telephone Wireless Operators, Lead Fire Rescuers, Fire Rescuers, Disaster Response Team Members, Audio Video Cameramen, Station House In-charges, Station Coordinators and Security Guards and other staff are compelled to do part-time job to fulfill their basic needs, they added. Ironically, the doctors working from grade 17 to 20, who were drawing handsome salary and non-practicing allowance, are also doing part-time practice, which is against the rules of the Punjab government. Moreover, the authorities of Rescue 1122 are also reluctant of initiating any legal action against them. Rescue 1122 DG Dr Rizwan Naseer admitted that the salaries of the rescuers should be increased as per the current inflation and they were compelled to adopt other means of earning. I have taken up the issue with the Punjab CM and soon it will resolved. It is to be noted here that the rescuers had staged a protest demonstration against the management and the DG for not giving raise in their salaries on which a few rescuers were terminated from the service but were later reinstated by the Home Secretary after proper hearing. Informed sources maintained the rescuers are still being deprived of 50 percent raise in their salaries as per the announcements of federal government in June 2010 due to lack of interest by the DG who is busy following up his own summary for regularisation in Grade 20. Some of them even received this raise in very month of July but in next month this raise was deducted from their salaries, another rescuer said. Sources said most of the rescuers - working in field - were receiving salary from Rs 12,000 to 15,000 per month including the Risk Allowance, which is almost Rs 3,000 and equal to their basic salary added six years back. Rescue 1122 sources claimed that there was a disappointing salary package - different for each scale - in the service. They said that Naib Qasids, Sanitary Workers and Security Guards fall in Basic Pay Scale (BPS-I) and the salary was almost Rs 11,000 for each while Light Traffic Vehicles drivers and Computers Wireless Operators, BPS-II receive salary amounted to Rs 12,000. They said rescuers like Heavy Traffic Vehicles (HTV) drivers in BPS-V receive Rs 12,600. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Fire Rescuers (FR), who are considered the major component of Resuce 1122 and fall in BPS-11, are receiving mere Rs 15,000 per month. The Fire Rescuers Leaders (LFR), BPS-12, are receiving Rs 16,000, Station Coordinators (BPS-14) receiving Rs 17,000, Station House In-charges and Control In-charges, (BPS-16), receiving Rs 18,000 and Emergency Officers (EOs) and Public Relation Officers (PROs), BPS-17, are receiving almost Rs 31,000 and 26,000 per month respectively. The District Emergency Officers (DEOs) were even receiving salaries above Rs 33,000 per month.