LAHORE (PPI) The negative policies and scuffle amongst staff members have put the Child Protection Bureau on the verge of total collapse and diminishing hopes of over 500 children are losing ground as allegedly they are being forcibly kicking out from the institution on the pretext of various accuses. According to sources privy to the department, members of Punjab Assembly have also moved an adjournment motion in this regard but so far no one could come forward to stop its steep declining trend. Sources are of the view that setting up of Child Protection Bureau near to Baghbanpura Police Station was aimed to give not only educational facilities to orphans, misfortune and destitute children but also to provide them recreational and vocational facilities. But with the advent of newly-appointed DG Erum Bukhari, matters are going from bad position to worse as she has broken down MoUs inked with TEVTA wherein Child Protection Bureau was bound to provide training material for children vocational training. But new DG is more interested in kicking out children on the pretext that these children are under 14 years and are not liable to be given vocational training. Owing to breaking of MoUs, Tevta finds it difficult to accommodate these destitute children since last five years. It is to be noted that earlier these unfortunate children were getting vocational training even they were under 14 years of age. The resourceful DG Erum Bukhari instead of acting upon according to adjournment motion tabled in Punjab Assembly, pushed Tevta management to issue notification for the closing down of Tevta facilities at the centre and making future of inmate children bleak.