This is following the news item seen in a national daily dated March 30, 2011 concerning the future of Higher Education Commission. These few lines are merely a drop in the ocean in emphasizing the significance of higher education in national resource building, society and environment development and the emergence of an honoured nation and country. It is an established fact that the concepts like 'prosper Pakistan, or 'Quaid-e-Azams Pakistan would not be effectively flourishing without the due support and recognition to higher education commission. Professional encouragement, statutory support, and financial resourcefulness to higher education are established practices around the world. The difference in UGC and HEC can be seen through the comparison of achievements made by the two organizations. Therefore, the support and competency gained in the promotion of higher education through the Higher Education Commission are recognizable. The political leadership and policymakers should be more willing to accommodate the increasing number of transparent and professional practices in the interest of national building. They definitely were offended the HECs straightforwardness in verifying the degrees and by the commissions dissolution, they have a done their country a big disservice. PROFESSOR DR FAHEEM UDDIN, March 30.