Decency requires that we must respect the players of our cricket team irrespective of the fact that they lost the semi-final of the World Cup to the Indian team. It is flabbergasting that some former cricketers and a major chunk of our society are profusely criticising the players as according to them they performed abysmally poor at Mohali owing to which they were defeated at the hands of their arch rival. I surmise that victory and defeat are in the hands of Almighty Allah. It is not mandatory to win every match but what is important is to play well. And there is no doubt that our boys played incredibly well. We must remember that the game of cricket is by chance and no team is destined to win every match or to lose every match. All I can say is, "Victory has many fathers, defeat is orphan". MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, April 2.