As we observe, with heads bowed down with shame, the anniversary of the judicial murder of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the man who fired each and every citizen with a passion for national identity, coming in that sense next only to the Quaid-i-Azam, thoughts inevitably turn to the present state of disarray deliberately engineered by the small minded leaders who claim to represent the party he had founded. Bhutto came to the scene at a time of great distress and with his charismatic personality, ingrained national outlook and deep-rooted faith in the nations ability to rise again soon mesmerised it. The PPP leaders of today coming into power early 2008 took lesser time to spread disillusionment and despair all around. The reasons for this sharp decline are not far to seek. ZAB stood for the sovereignty of Pakistan and paid the ultimate price of sacrificing his life, never wavering from his defiance of the US by sticking to his resolve to make the country an atomic power that has become the kingpin of our defence against hostile India. The present leadership took no time to sell the countrys honour and pawned its sovereignty lock, stock and barrel to the US, first to ascend to power and then remain there. Bhutto advocated the Kashmir cause with all the force at his command; they, on the other hand, have let down the people of the occupied state by desperately looking for ways to normalise relations with India, while it continues to compound the problem by stealing our share of waters of the Indus River System. He held an Islamic Summit at Lahore with great fanfare, took up the cudgels on behalf of the Muslim world and fearlessly defended its interests and thus galvanised it by infusing a sense of unity among its members. Our present leadership seems to be shying away from the Muslim Ummah for fear of annoying the US that spares no occasion to do it harm. At home, he took care that the nation, dispirited at the loss of the then East Pakistan, regained confidence. To lift the poor masses out of the slough of poverty, he made a stirring promise of roti, kapra and makan, and though he could not get enough time from other challenges to the country and Ummah to fulfil this promise, it reflected his consciousness of the imperatives of progress. Our current rulers have foisted on the people a system that is progressively impoverishing them and driving that dream farther away from the hope of fulfilment. As they stand fully exposed, thanks to an independent judiciary and a free media, trying to dig up the Bhutto murder case, so late in the day, would not enable them to divert attention of the beleaguered people from their enervating problems. Rather, they should be bringing to book Benazir Bhuttos killers whom they claim to know. They should be living up to their great leaders traditions of preserving the national interest instead of floating the parochial notions of provincial 'cards and addressing the peoples concerns satisfactorily. That alone would serve them in good stead.