ISLAMABAD - The I-LAP Peace Youth Club endeavours to promote peace, interfaith harmony, tolerance and justice for all. It strongly believes that humanity itself is enough to show compassion to other human beings and surpasses all other boundaries of discrimination such as religious divides, ethnical prejudice, provincial intolerance and cultural bias.  These views were expressed by Chairman I-LAP Sajid Ishaq during the Youth Peace Club meeting. The Youth Peace Club members belonging to six local schools got together on Tuesday to pack gifts for deprived children of slum areas around Islamabad collected through their personal efforts. These gift packs will be distributed to children of two deserving communities on Thursday on the occasion of Easter, says a press release issued here.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman said that Jesus Christ has taught us tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance of others and love for all. “If we reflect on our deeds today we will realise that we have forgotten the teachings and have indulged in conflicts on the basis of ethnicity, religions and cultures,” he added.

The Christ gave his life for the salvation of humanity; now it is our responsibility to carry forward the message of peace and harmony to all nations and share the goodness of God in order to make this world a better place to live.

He added that on this auspicious occasion he would like to stress upon the youth to give their best to the nation and work together with dedication, commitment and devotion to make Pakistan a place where the rights of all citizens are safeguarded and protected not on the basis of religion but on the basis of equality and humanity.