KARACHI - The Sindh Special Education Department has decided to establish 100 more education centres in suburbs of the province. A separate education board will be formed to undertake examination tasks if the cabinet approves it in this regard.

Chairing a meeting with the principals of all government-run special education centres in the province at the National Special Education Complex, Sindh chief minister’s adviser on special education, Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh, he asked the principals to discuss their budgets so that they could receive appropriate allocations for renovation of centres. After meeting with non-government stakeholders in the province back in February, this was the second such meeting in a continuing bid to devise a comprehensive policy for the Sindh Special Education Department which just had its funds approved since it was set up in 2006. At present, the provincial department owns around 76 centres for children with disabilities but years of negligence had left them in worse condition from infrastructure to management.  Sheikh said, “You will receive direct funds and when you’re being made responsible, you’ll be answerable for any misappropriation,” he said.