ISLAMABAD  - Believe it or not, 23 law makers who have assets worth millions of rupees claim that they have no ornaments for themselves and female members of their families.

But, there are members who own gold in kilograms - a commodity simply out of the reach of the common man.

Former Senator Gulshan Saeed has valid reasons to boast to be the richest among colleagues in terms of gold stocks. She, as per statement of her assets, owns 13.253 kilogram gold ornaments which she explained values to the tune of Rs 60 million. In the statements of assets and liabilities of their spouses and children, submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan, around one fourth of the sitting and retired Senators left the column of jewellery blank. Hailing from different political parties, the sitting and Senators who retired on March 11, have plots, agricultural land, vehicles, bank balances and other investment but mentioned no jewellery.

One has to believe their submissions to the Commission no matter if these Senators include affluent like Waseem Sajjad, Dr Babar Awan, Pervez Rashid, Jehangir Badar, Syed Muhammad Zafar, Syed Sajid Hussain Zaidi, Faisal Raza Abidi, Dr Asim Hussain, Abdul Khaliq Pirzada, Ammar Ahmed Khan, M Ghufran, Zahid Khan, Haji Adeel, Gulzar Ahmed Khan, Waqar Ahmed Khan, Israrullah Zehri, Abdul Rahim Mandokhel, Wali Muhammad Badini, Saeed Ahmed Hashmi, Abdul Ghafoor Haideri, Engr. Hamayun Khan, Sabina Rauf and Abdul Rasheed, a Senator from federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

Members of the Parliament and Provincial Assemblies are bound to submit yearly statement of assets and liabilities of their own, their spouses and the dependents under sub-section (1) of section 25A of the Senate (Election) Act 175, by September 30 every year.

According to the Gazette Notification of details of assets and liabilities of the members, some did not fill this column while others wrote `Not Applicable’ in it. According to details, Tariq Azeem Khan owns 75 tolas, present Chairman of the Senate Nayyer Hussain Bokhari 35 tolas, Saeeda Iqbal 40 tolas, Ishaq Dar 25 tolas, Jamal Khan Leghari Rs 300,000 (five and half tolas approx on wife’s name), Javed Ali Shah Rs 800,000 (approx 14.5 tolas), Javed Ashraf Qazi Rs 500,000 (approx 09 tolas owned by wife), Muhammad Ali Durrani Rs 500,000 (approx 09 tolas 100% in spouse name), Naeem Hussain Chattha 16 tolas, Ch Shujaat Hussain 100 tolas, Raja Muhammad Zafarul Haq 15 tolas, Zafar Ali Shah 20 tolas, Mushahidullah Khan 20 tolas, Malik Salahuddin Dogar 100 tolas, Haroon Khan Rs 1.200 million (approx 22 tolas), Prof Sajid Mir 15 tolas, Muhammad kazim Khan 40 tolas, Gulshan Saeed 1100 tola (13.253 kg) worth Rs 60 million, Nilofar Bakhtiar 50 tolas, Najma Hameed 50 tolas, Sughra Imam 10 tolas, Mian Raza Rabbani 220 tolas, Ahmed Ali 50 tolas, Abdul Ghaffar Qureshi 50 tolas, Safdar Ali Abbasi 130 tolas, Tahir Hussain Mashhadi 50 tolas, Khalid Mahmood Soomro 42 tolas, Babar Khan Ghauri 92 tolas, Abdul Haseeb Khan Rs 12,000,000, (approx 218 tolas), Maula Bakhsh Chandi 55 tolas, Islamuddin Sheikh 20 tolas, Gul Muhammad Lot Rs 42.500 million (approx 773 tolas), Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh Rs seven million (approx 127 tolas), Farooq H Naek 100 tolas, Ratna Baghwandas Chawla Rs 500,000 (approx nine tolas), Semeen Siddiqui 100 tolas, Sherala Malik 60 tolas, Almas Perveen 100 tolas, Saleem Saifullah Khan 60 tolas, Maulana Gul Naseeb 5 tolas,  Talha Mahmood Rs 1,500,000 (around 28 tolas), Prof Khursheed Ahmed 25 tolas, Ibrahim Khan six tolas, Abdul Nabi Bangash Rs 6,000,000 (approx 109 tolas), Sardar Ali Khan 50 tolas, Haji Ghulam Ali Rs 300,000 (approx five tolas), Ilyas Ahmed Bilour Rs 30,000 (approx half tola gold), Azam Khan Swati Rs 26.640 million (approx 484 tolas), Afrasiab Khattak 10 tolas, Adnan Khan 40 tolas, Fauzia Fakhar-uz-Zaman Khan six tolas, Afia Zia 20 tolas, Farah Aqil 60 tolas, Mrs Farhat Abbas 20 tolas, Shahid Hassan Bugti 250 tolas, Ismail Buledi 16.5 tolas, Mohabbat Khan Marri 20 tolas, Dr Abdul Malik Rs 2 million (approx 36 tolas), Jan Muhammad Jamali 60 tolas, Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani 80 tolas (approx one kg), Haji Lashkari Raisani approx 80 tolas, Nawabzada Akbar Magsi 100 tolas, Mir Muhammad Ali Rind Rs 3,000,000 (approx 55 tolas), Sabir Baloch 40 tolas, Hasil Khan Bazinjo 25 tolas, Rehmatullah Kakar 80 tolas (one kg), Rehana Yahya Baloch 50 tolas, Suriya Amiruddin Rs 600,000 (approx 11 tolas), Kulsoom Perveen 100 tolas, Hafiz Rasheed Ahmed 07 tolas, Abdul Raziq 30 tolas, Saleh Shah 70 tolas, Engr Rashid Ahmed Khan 20 tolas, Haji Khan 30 tolas, Abbas Khan 120 tolas and M Idrees Khan Safi owns 150 tolas gold.

Given the details as revealed in the notification by the ECP, 20 Senators including those who had retired and those still in the House, own one kg or more gold ornaments. Among them Gulshan Saeed in atop with 1100 tolas gold (approx 13.253 kg) and Gul Muhammad Lot second with approximately 773 tolas (approx 9.31 kg gold) and Azam Swati third with approximately 484 tolas (5.831 kg approx). Shahid Bugti was fourth among the toppers with 250 tolas gold (03 kg) and Raza Rabbani fifth with 220 tolas (approx 2.650 kg).

Revelations of Mir Israrullah Zehri were astonishing who has to his credit agricultural land worth 51555 acre but mentioned that he owns no gold ornaments. Although in his statement of assets and liabilities, he has also mentioned that the land he quoted in the statement of assets and liabilities is inherited land and yet to be distributed among mother, seven brothers, two sisters and sons.

Similarly, many others who owns assets worth millions of rupees in terms of plots, houses, vehicles and shares in stock markets but have no jewellery to their credit as well as of their spouses or dependents.