LAHORE – Three-day gas holidays for Punjab’s CNG filling stations are likely to continue during whole summer while the relief of one more day is expected for the industrial units of the province within a month, TheNation has learnt.

The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has recently decreased the gas holidays for Punjab’s industry from five days to three days in a week. Now it is expected that the industrial sector might get relief for one more day within a month.

“Keeping in view the importance of the sector and decrease in demand due to rise in temperature, the SNGPL may add gas supply for one more day to Punjab’s industry within a month,” said a high official of the SNGPL while talking to this scriber on Tuesday. Setting priorities, what the official said, according to the importance of the sectors, the Company’s management is also going to restore supply to two fertilizers from April 6 (Friday). The persisting gas supply to at least two power plants during whole the summer would also be ensured, he added. The SNGPL was supplying 116 million cubic feet gas per day to power plants for the generation of electricity for national grid, added the official.

SNGPL might change its gas load management plan for the filling stations in coming month as well. But the officials of the SNGPL said that they are not expecting gap between demand and supply. They said the ratio of conversion of public transport from diesel to CNG is increasing day by day due to high prices of POL prices. And conversion of vehicles from diesel to CNG, according to them, is another factor which is a hurdle in bridging some gap.

Currently, the Company is facing shortfall of about 370 million cubic feet per day (MMCFD) in its network, demand standing at 2,300MMCFD against the availability of 1,930MMCFD. The SNGPL officials predict that about 300MMCFD shortfall would continue in the system throughout the sizzling heat.