PESHAWAR - The administration of the University of Peshawar ousted the illegal occupants residing in hostels in a cleanup operation conducted in the male hostels of the University on Tuesday.

The drive against the non-UoP students was conducted by hostel administration with the assistance of the campus peace-corps while Chief Proctor Dr Anwar Alam, Security Officer Imdad and officials of the Directorate of Administration also participated in the search operation. The objective of this search operation was to make the University hostels clean from permanent guests and unauthorized residents. All the male hostels were visited and room to room search operation was conducted. All such individuals who were residing illegally have been ousted and the rooms under their occupation have been vacated from them. Some of the illegal occupants have been handed over to police as well.

Meanwhile, a joint action team has been set up which will identify such elements in the future, if any, for strict action against them in order to ensure conducive study environment within University of Peshawar  hostels for the border students.

It is pertinent to mention here that University of Peshawar genuine border students who are keen in their studies have appreciated these steps.