ISLAMABAD - The CCP has granted leniency to a company that helped in breaking cartels in switchgear and transformer markets, which would put positive impact on the country’s economy.

Chairperson Competition Commission of Pakistan Rahat Kaunain Hassan in a press conference said that CCP has succeeded in breaking cartelization in switchgear and transformer markets with the help of a company which was early part of the cartelization. Rahat Kaunain informed that CCP might grant up to 100 percent reduction in the amount of penalty to the company which claimed leniency.  Leniency is given to such company which first claims it among the other companies in cartels, she added.

In Pakistan, there are 12 local manufacturers of distribution transformers and the only demand for transformers comes from DISCOs, which is around 90%. Total orders issued by DISCOs during the period of 2008-2011 were for the value of Rs 36 billion. Further, as stated by the company, it holds 29.3%, another firm holds 28.2% market share while the rest of manufacturers occupy 42% of total market.

On the other hand there are 10 local manufacturers of medium voltage switchgears. It is estimated that overall market for Air-insulated Switchgears in Pakistan for the 2008-2011 was Rs. 9.2 billion, out of this volume 60-65% approximately comprises of DISCOs.