KARACHI - Members of the Mohajir Sooba Tehreek (MST) on Tuesday staged a demonstration in the city for the acceptance of their demand for a separate province (for the Mohajir community). A large number of MST activists assembled in Liaquatabad area demanding a separate Mohajir province. They contended that a separate province was the only solution to the problems of the Mohajirs.

In their telephonic addresses, the speakers said as the Mohajirs had been denied their rights, they had no other choice. They said the movement for separate Mohajir province would continue until the formation of a province for the community. They urged the armed forces to support their movement.

They alleged that the “Sindhi-speaking” chief minister did not have the capability to redress the problems of the business hub of the country. The activists also installed mini-hoardings to muster support for their movement.