ISLAMABAD - PML-Q Secretary General, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, has said that education for all is the key to Pakistan’s progress and removal of poverty.

He made these remarks as chief guest at the annual function of a special school for the underprivileged in one of Islamabad’s suburbs, the House of Light. The function held at Pind Baghwal, was attended by large number of students as well as their parents.  In his speech, Senator Mushahid Hussain said that educational initiatives of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan through Aligarh Muslim University which educated generations of Muslims through modern educational means, there would have been no Pakistan Movement and no independent state of Pakistan.  He said that education does not just mean getting degrees or diplomas, it also means inculcating the right values of vision, and, in this regard, he uplauded the vision of the House of Light, which says, “Education should result in tolerance”.

Criticising the current value system in Pakistan where people with big houses and big cars were respected while those whose vision was high and had lofty ideals but no bank balance were not given due respect. He appreciated the fact that the House of Light was providing free education services to the children of the poorest section of society. Senator Mushaid Hussain lauded this educational initiative as reflecting the self-starter citizens’ activism and positive philanthropic approach of middle class Pakistanis who had launched this initiative without any help from the government or any big investor but was running it through contribution on a self-help basis.