ISLAMABAD - Capital Development Authority (CDA) has proposed increase in fine on selling unhygienic edible items in the federal capital up to 10,000 to 15,000 to ensure provision of quality food for citizens.

Talking to the agency, Director Health Services, CDA, Hasan Orooj said that the authority has proposed amendments in its by-laws for enhancing fine against violators and submitted summary to the Cabinet Division for approval.

According to the CDA by-laws of 1960, the fine for selling unhygienic food items is Rs 500, which needs to be enhanced on immediate basis to control sale of substandard food items, the director said. Giving details, he said two separate teams have been deputed to keep check on sale of perishable and non-perishable food items at hotels, restaurants and shops located in the federal capital.

The Directorate of Health Services has raided 5765 shops to take samples and 2434 were served notices, out of which, 1278 were issued challans during the last year. For improving the inspection procedure as compared to the last year, the Directorate is keeping a vigil on all food outlets, wholesale stores, cafeterias located especially in sectors G-6, G-7, I-10, G-9, F-7, F-11 and F-10 consistently.

Hasan said, two food inspectors were deputed recently to re-visit these shops to check whether they are following the standards or not and this campaign will be completed in a period of two months. For provision of quality food and edible items, the Director said strict monitoring was being carried out at hotels, shops, bakeries, meat shops, wholesale stores, cafeterias of schools, colleges and universities in the capital. The Directorate have also collected 1942 samples from milk and dairy-shops and issued 766 challans to shopkeepers.

There are three type dairy products in markets, which include the products of private companies, local suppliers and out of city suppliers and are being systematically checked and challans are being issued immediately. About increased number of kiosks and their registration, Hasan Orooj said the Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) registered and issued licences to kiosks while Directorate of Health Services keep check on quality of food. He said kiosks are main places where substandard food items are being sold and most of people visit such places and buy unhygienic edibles, which affect their health.

Earlier, CDA Chairman Engineer Farkhand Iqbal has directed the Health Services Directorate to create awareness among the general public about milk and water. He has also directed them to raid milk and dairy-shops to check sale of substandard milk and related products and confiscate dangerous chemical drums used for milk storage, besides taking remedial measures against the sale of substandard beverages and other cold-drinks to save the precious lives of the citizens.