Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday dubbed the Indian Express report about army troops being moved to Delhi for military coup as alarmist and said it should not be taken at face value.

The Prime Minister also said that the army chief's office is an exalted one and nothing should be done tolower its dignity.

The defence ministry earlier on Wednesday also dismissed the report about two units of the Indian Army moving in close vicinity of New Delhi in January 2012 as "incorrect and baseless".

Defence secretary Shashi Kant Sharma rejected it as "incorrect and baseless".

"The points raised in the report have already been clarified by the army... such exercises are conducted by the army from time to time," defence ministry spokesperson Sitanshu Kar said in a statement.

The Indian Express reported on Wednesday that two units of the Indian Army moved in close vicinity of New Delhi in January 2012 without following the standard procedure of informing the government.

The Express said that on the day Army Chief General VK Singh approached the Supreme Court on the issue of his birth date, central intelligence agencies reported unexpected movements and non-notified movement by two military units toward Delhi.

The defence secretary met Lt Gen AK Choudhary, Director General Military Operations, and asked for an explanation, the daily reported.

Gen Choudhary, who knew about one of the unit's movement, said it was a routine exercise.

Further explanation by the army said that it was carrying out exercises to check its ability to make quick deployments of key units during fog.

The units were then asked to turn back immediately.