The Nation of 01-04-2012 has a letter by Mr. Sial who blames Punjab for not letting 10 M.A.F. water flow down below Kotri which according to him has destroyed Indus delta.  First of all it is preposterous to state that Punjab with 73 percent of irrigated area after agreeing to a mere 37 percent share in a future storage dam which has never matured would have anything to do with water beyond Kotri. As per later studies, it has been stated that only 4.5 MAF water would be enough for the health of Indus delta. However, if water is allowed to escape by about 32 MAF beyond Kotri in flood season which is hardly 70 days in a year how can water be assured the year around beyond Kotri in the absence of any storage like Kalabagh dam upstream. IRSA has two members from Sindh with only one from Punjab so how Punjab can dominate the water releases beyond Kotri. In fact, unless and until Kalabagh dam is built post haste Sindh is ever more likely to receive lesser water beyond Kotri. The existing fashion of Punjab bashing ought to be stopped for the benefit of inter provincial harmony that is lacking at present.


Lahore, April 3.