KARACHI  - The Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) said that at the implementation agreement between the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) and the government, the private electricity supply monopoly could not stop electricity supply to KWSB installation under any circumstances and by restoring to loadshedding at KWSB pumping stations the KESC has already breached this sensitive agreement. In a statement issued here on Tuesday, the KWSB said under the agreement it was a strategic consumer of KESC, but was being treated like an ordinary consumer, ignoring the fact that it has the vital responsibility to supply basic life facility of water to Karachiites.

The KWSB rejected the allegation of KESC that it has spent a fund of Rs3.5billion in other heads instead of paying electricity bills. The board said it was paying Rs50million to KESC every month, stopping its other necessary expenses. The KWSB is not getting any funding from the provincial or federal government for the payment of electricity bills.

The KWSB is providing water to citizens on very cheap rates on no profit no loss basis, but the KESC is sending it bills under commercial and industrial tariffs. The KWSB categorically rejected the claim of KESC that the board is defaulter of Rs17billion. It said under the agreement all dues before April 30, 2009 had been written off and the KESC could only send billing to water board for the year 2009. It said these matters would be brought to the court of law to expose the wrong claims.