Our politics is characterized by unfulfilled promises. The incumbent rulers have kept and broken several promises. The scorecard shows generally poor performance by the provincial government. The present provincial rulers have not kept their promises and are failing in front of their staunch supporters in the upper and lower Sindh districts. There is a long list of unfulfilled promises, missed opportunities and failures to invest in the development of the province. Most of the major announcements made four years for the development of upper and lower Sindh districts, in particular, Larkano, are far from being implemented. A classic example is of a famous Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Lawyers’ Colony, Larkano. Regrettably, more than four years have passed but still the project is in its infancy. It is in the press that more than eight million rupees have been spent (rather misused or extravagantly used) on the preparation of the PC-1 of the proposed project.  It takes more than five hours, instead of one hour in the past, to reach any village from Larkana city due to dilapidated condition of link and main roads in the province. I appeal the President of Pakistan to exhort the provincial rulers that the promises to voters should never be broken.


Islamabad, April 3.