KARACHI  - Rising temperature and increased duration of annoying electricity loadshedding come to Karachi hand in hand, making life a living hell for poor citizens. Now when the mercury is soaring at 38-39 degrees centigrade, the Karachi Electricity Supply Company (KESC) has raised the duration of loadshedding hours in the city up to seven and half hours a day.  The areas with less electricity theft would brave three hours a day loadshedding while the rest of the city would face loadshedding from four and half to seven and half hours a day. It means in most of the city areas every day the citizens would have to go without electricity during most of their waking and working hours.  The increasing duration of electricity has seriously affected the exam preparation of hundreds of thousands of students. People at homes, factories, hospitals, schools and colleges would have to spend many restless hours in this hot season. Trade and business activities in the city are being seriously hampered due to cruel load shedding haunting Karachi for more than a decade. Citizens remember that the Karachi Electricity Supply Company was privatized with a promise of smooth electricity supply to them; however, the reality proved just the opposite. Ironically, when the consumers do not get electricity for more than seven hours a day, there is no corresponding decrease in their monthly electricity bills.

Citizens request the government to take notice of the situation and give them some relief. It is feared that if the authorities did not take serious steps to end load shedding, the irked Karachiites might take to streets like citizens of Punjab to vent their anger.