Leader of the JUI Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri Wednesday said that the country is facing the most critical circumstances in history and desperation prevails everywhere. He was addressing a press conference in Sanghar. He said that the country is facing energy and water crises and people are suffering a lot. “The political parties in Karachi have started extorting people and killing the innocent citizens and we demand political parties to restore harmony and peace in Karachi”, Haidri said. He expressed annoyingly that the country has become a security risk and agents of CIA and black water are lingering in Pakistan. “JUI always works on straight policy, America has stopped drone attacks temporarily if they attack again then we will protest and never allow resumption of Nato supply”, Haidri said. He said that they were coalition partners of the government for one and a half years but they left the government due to their corruption. He asked the government to resign immediately as the PM has been convicted and morally he must step down.