PESHAWAR - The Peshawar High court Tuesday has issued directives for bulldozing all those illegal constructions within seven days, which have been made inside the limits of various graveyards of Peshawar city.

During hearing of suo-moto notice, the Chief Justice Peshawar High court, Dost Mohammad Khan, directed to flatten all those encroachments, which have been made in the limits of any graveyards. On this occasion District Coordination Officer Peshawar Siraj Ahamad Khan, Deputy Speakers Auqaf Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also appeared in the court.

District Coordination officer while presenting the report told the court that around 89 Kanal and 18 Marla of land has been allocated for graveyards while this time 78 Kanal and six Marla of lands has been grabbed illegally.

He informed the court that certain government schools, Basic health units and private schools has been constructed on these lands.

The Chief justice asked the concern MPAs and district administration that despite the fact that construction has been prohibited in the jurisdiction of graveyards, then why certain government department and schools still exist in the limits of these graveyards.

He also ordered the city district administration to remove these encroachments and those who putting hurdles should be brought to jails.

The chief justice warned the encroachers to remove their construction in seven days otherwise the government would bulldoze all illegal construction within thirty days period. After hearing, the case was adjourned to next date.