ISLAMABAD - Severe water shortage in hostels of Quaid-e-Azam University for four days has annoyed the students. “Only limited water supply was available, which was too meagre than demand. Moreover, no schedule was announced about the interruption by the varsity authorities or Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) relative formations,” a group of students told the agency. They said that they face difficulties, as they cannot take shower before going to university to attend classes. They said that on the advent of summer season supply of less quantity water seriously matter and authorities concerned should take notice of it. They said that this situation is affecting their routine life and study as well.

Few students told this scribe that they cat not afford laundry services outsides and washes their clothes by themselves.  “We face immense difficulties in case of unavailability of water,” students added. Students said that after a couple of weeks the University is holding mid term examination and it would be difficult for them to study properly in case of such problems. Students demanded from the authorities concerned to take notice of the situation and supply of water should be ensured properly.

The situation is not disturbing only for students of university but also for those who are living in superb of the university. The residents said that with the arrival of summer season water requirement increased and authorities should supply more water according to the demands of the people. A group of housewives told this scribe that children were forced to go to school without proper preparation. They said that residential colonies of the varsity provided water twice a day for not more than 30 minutes. They also demanded to ensure the smooth supply of water to the areas.

In this regard, when contacted a water pump operator of the varsity told online that CDA supply water from a pipeline of 18 inches diameter, which causes less quantity of water to the hostels and residential colonies. He further added that supply of water for the hostels is limited and water is only supplied in morning and evening for two hours. He said that the supplied water by the CDA unable to fill the water tankers established by the university administration adding that stored water is being supplied for just twenty minutes thrice a day.