LAHORE – With religious and religio-political parties including those constituting Difa-e-Pakistan Council coming hard on the US for announcing $ 10 million head money for Jamaat-ud-Dawa Chief, fearless Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has not restricted his movement and continues to carry on his activities as per set schedule.

With the leadership of religious forces terming the US decision a move to please India and to put pressure on Pakistan for restoring Nato supplies, the most wanted man for the US, at par with Taliban Chief Mullah Muhammad Umar, and sour in the eye for neighboring India is determined to continue addressing anti-US and India rallies and keep the same stance on Kashmir even at the cost of his life.

The US has announced $ 10 million head money for Saeed, the same amount fixed for Mulla Umar, and $ 3 million head money for Hafiz Abdul Rehman Makki, another vocal leader of Dawa.

Close aids of Dawa Chief said that he (Hafiz Saeed) was residing in the same house whose location was known to everybody and he was continuing to carry on normal activities. Referring to the security arrangements at the residence of Hafiz Saeed, they said these were normal and Dawa workers were well aware about the importance of Ameer’s life and were ready to face every challenge.

After the announcement from the US, vocal Dawa Chief addressed Difa-e-Pakistan Council in Haripur and workshop for workers in Attock. At both the places, Hafiz Saeed interacted with the newsmen. He will continue to address scheduled DPC Conferences in different cities and will deliver sermon and lead Juma prayers at Jamia Masjid Al-Qadsia on coming Friday.

Close aids of Saeed said that fixing head money was prejudicial, unjustified and reflective of US frustration over the mass campaign against the possible restoration of Nato supplies land route. They said announcement of head money was mala-fide since it had been Delhi’s earnest desire to silent Hafiz Saeed to counter the vigorous campaign he had been leading against India’s occupation of Kashmir and blocking Pakistani rivers by building dozens of dams. They said the US had once again proved that it had no respect for Pakistani courts and sovereignty since the announcement was made without first investigating the facts and consulting the decisions of courts which had exonerated him on all the charges leveled by India. They said such head money was announced only for those hiding but he was available to all and the US could have contacted him first if there was any query. They urged President Zardari to cancel his visit to India.

DPC Chairman and JUI-S Ameer Maulana Samiul Haq said that the US was seeing Saeed as terrorist as he was attending conference for the solidarity of Pakistan. He said that the US move was ridiculous as no charge has been proved against Hafiz Saeed in any court.

Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Munawar Hasan said the US was trying to stifle every voice being raised against its brutalities against Islam and the Muslims. The US had no legal basis for its decisions and the announcement had been made only to please India which had been holding Hafiz Muhammad Saeed responsible for Mumbai attacks. He said the entire Pakistani nation stood behind Hafiz Muhammad Saeed.

Convener Central Coordination Committee of DPC Hameed Gull said that the US move was aimed at increasing pressure on Pakistan for the restoration of Nato supplies. He said that only India has leveled allegation against Hafiz Saeed. He said that the move was part of international propaganda and aimed at pleasing India. He said that Hafiz Saeed had not uttered any word against the US security. He said that India has welcomed the US decision which would definitely create resentment among religious parties and sour relations between the neighboring countries. He urged President Zardari to cancel India visit.

Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi said that the US move was a joke with the Pakistani government and the nation. He said that the DPC would strongly resist any move of the government to please the US.

Awami Muslim League Chief Sh Rasheed Ahmed said that the US was not aware about the ground realities and it should withdraw the decision. He said that the decision would increase hatred against the US.  JUI leader Hafiz Hussain Ahmed said that the US had fixed head money for Mulla Umar and now was begging for negotiations with Taliban. He said that the US should have kept this in mind that in future it could beg for forgiveness from Hafiz Saeed. Muslim League-Zia Chief Ijaz-ul-Haq said that the US move was condemnable as Hafiz Saeed was a law abiding citizen. He said that the US was seeing Hafiz Saeed as terrorist as he was raising voice against drone attacks and for the rights of oppressed Kashmiris. PML-Q Secretary General Mushahid Hussain Syed suggested the rulers to take up the issue with the US as the courts have exonerated Hafiz Saeed from all cases.