LAHORE - Sale of unhygienic chicken meat is on the rise in the City which is causing different diseases among the citizens while the authorities concerned are silent over the issue despite dozens of public complaints in this respect, a survey conducted by TheNation revealed.

The food loving people of the provincial capital perhaps are not aware that the meat they are purchasing from the markets is the meat of sick and infected chickens.

 It was witnessed that there are chicken sale shops in almost all the markets of the City which have been identified as a major source of environmental pollution in the surrounding localities due to insufficient cleaning arrangements.

The vendors and shopkeepers, dealing in chicken meat admitted that they used to purchase and sale sick chicken but the small vendors and shopkeepers are not responsible for their sale because they just are selling the meat for earning bread and butter of their families.

In fact the poultry farm owners or wholesale chicken dealers are responsible for supply of such sick chicken in the markets, they said ,adding that perhaps they also compelled to do so for fulfilling the growing demand of meat in the city.

The meat vendors disclosed that some poultry farm owners identified mostly small chicken are infected with some unidentified virus which are yet to be diagnosed by the government departments concerned. But the practice of sale of infected chicken sale is continued unchecked by the officials of health as well as food departments.

In this regard, buyers and consumers criticised the government, saying that it is responsibility of the government and its departments concerned to check the quality of edibles including meat before supply in market because laymen and buyers do not have knowledge whether they are purchasing healthy meat or infected one.

In this regard, poultry and vaccination expert Dr Tahir Yaqoob told this scribe that vaccination for controlling the virus in chickens have been prepared but the authorities concerned did not allow to apply such vaccination.