ISLAMABAD - As the Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) is still in the process of finding a way leading to a consensus resolution through the Parliament, the US on its part has stepped up efforts ostensibly to force Islamabad mend its position on redrawing rules of engagement with Washington in black and white.

Well-placed diplomatic sources told The Nation that government efforts seeking to redraw country’s relations with the US and its allies in the war against terror have hit snags because of the lack of Parliamentary consensus in Pakistan.

‘This situation will give advantage to the US if the Parliamentary Committee on national security is bogged-down in evolving the national consensus’, sources said, ,adding, this process should be carefully be carried forward in a manner that it serves the national purpose.

Sources were of the view that Washington has stepped up pressure on Pakistan to go soft by leaving the Salala incident and instead focus on the future cooperation between the two countries.

Sources said that US was more interested in using Pakistani soil for withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan by 2014,therefore, it was more keen in the resumption of NATO supplies. However, sources in the government believed that no US pressure would bear fruits largely because of the anti-US sentiments in Pakistan.

They were of the view that Pakistan wanted ample space to secure its legitimate interest in Afghanistan after withdrawal of international troops including that of the United States.

‘Pakistan wants a peaceful and a stable Afghanistan and that cannot be done without a transparent process of national reconciliation’, a source said, hoping that the US will have to take into account Pakistan’s legitimate interest including respect to its territorial integrity.