The sitting government, the media, judiciary and other state actors are all busy in useless pursuits. A ‘special court’ for Musharraf’s trail, special team to hold dialogue with Taliban, a very slight increase in Pak rupee, talk shows full of boasting of overcoming all the problems has forced me to write. I wonder where we are all heading? I would like to ask the government, which is spending millions on Musharraf’s trial, what will the nation and the common man gain from his indictment? We have so many more pressing problems, such as why no efforts are being made to find out who Taliban really are and then oust them once and for all?

The true picture of Pakistan is horrific; it is a 13-year old girl, Hasina Bibi of Layyah, along with her mother who have both caged themselves to protest against injustice. Her rapists were released by local police. Does she have to kill herself to get justice or even a comment from the rulers of the country, who will just say that they have ‘taken notice’ of the incident? Why have no ‘special courts’ been set up to provide our mistreated females speedy justice? Why does Musharraf deserve a ‘special court’?

The fourteen mutilated bodies recovered from Totak in Kuhzdar, are crying for justice, for a ‘special court’ to hang their killers, for laboratories that can provide DNA tests and identify the deceased. The country really needs identify all its legal residents, so that we have a data base. The act of provocation against Hindu and Christians, by burning their holy places and homes, is unasked for in our country. Apart from that more than three hundred laborers were burnt in a factory in Karachi, why was there no ‘special court’ directed to take strict and exemplary action againstthem, however, so called committees were formed and compensations were announced which are still pending.

There should be ‘special courts’ set up to bring to justice rapist, arsonists and other criminals, let’s leave Musharraf and this drama alone, we all know nothing will come of it! Tharparkar is facing famine and innocent children are dying of hunger; 175,000 families have been affected so far. Shortage of medicines, portable water and lack of doctors has increased the misery of the people but no ‘special court’ is bent on resolving this issue?

Child rape has rocked every province, rape of small girls is on the rise because no one has been caught or indicted, all these are crying for justice. The common man is still suffering, while fools try to bring us new episodes of various useless drams such as Malala drama, the Memogate scandal, The Swiss Banks scandal and so many more. Let’s all put our foot down and ask the government to stop wasting our resources and time on such issues and concentrate on providing education, water, health facilities and justice for all in Pakistan.


Islamabad, April 1.