History teaches us many lessons. And one of the most obvious ones is that the answer to dissent is never violence or trying to clamp down on the frustration of the people through coercion. It never works. All it does is exacerbate the situation. All previous governments of Pakistan have treated Balochistan like an annex. Our current government is no different it seems, and the seizure of history books that were seen as opposing the ideology of Pakistan is another example of just why the Balochis are so disillusioned with the rest of Pakistan. This can be added to the list of injustices against Balochistan committed by their fellow countrymen; from the lack of any development of infrastructure to the failure to provide funds to the people of the province, added to mass graves that can be found all over the province.

Ideological freedom is essential to human development. The voice of Balochistan has been lost in the struggle that has ensued over generations in the battered province. The only way the ideology of Pakistan will be accepted as supreme to the separatists is if discourse is allowed by the government and a synthesis is formulated from two opposing ideals, which in this case is whether Balochistan needs to free itself from the yoke of the rest of the country against the narrative of the national identity of Pakistan.

There is no question about the fact that the BRA and the BLA are enemies of the state. But the rest of the people of Balochistan are as much a part of Pakistan as the people living in Lahore, Karachi or anywhere else in the country. The only real way to ensure that the separatists are no longer a threat is by making them aimless, and that can only be done if the people of the province have no real grievances to address. How many more regime changes is it going to take, before someone realises that we are the problem in Balochistan?